Sunday, August 22, 2010

The PlayStation Move is like a better Wii remote

Whenever I speak to anyone about the PlayStation Move controller, they always skip the impressive technology behind the system and go straight for the throat: It's just a rip-off of the Wii remote. I can't argue against this logic because it's true even down to the advertisement photos practically taken with the same hand models, but the Move is still something I'm looking forward to for the ingenuity rather than the possible copyright infringement. I don't think I will use the controller for the games that I would otherwise enjoy with a standard controller but the sports simulators and the fighting game it will launch with are both greatly appealing endeavors for Sony. This whole situation started me thinking of how Xbox is now following with PlayStation marketing changes and techniques. The comic explains this little observation I had and hopefully not get any heavy Microsoft fans on edge. I understand that all the new innovations for the Xbox consoles were planned for in advance and the intent was not to copy Sony. I love Xbox but you know these facts are kind of true at least in some sense. Later, gamers!

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