Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prince of Persia film casting called "insulting"

Before I begin, go ahead and check out the little blurb connected to this blog theme. Now that you are back (I hope) we can start the discussion. Apparently hiring white actors for roles supposedly envisioned for people of color is being called "insulting" by critics. The foul move is made in the Prince of Persia video game based movie hitting theaters soon with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead. The adaptation of The Last Airbender is also under attack though because this blog is focused on gaming, the Prince is our main concern. I am not seeing a complete fault with the casting choices made by the filmmakers in this regard though I honestly don't know the full extent they went through to find the best actors for the specified roles. In reality, most casting for such pieces as this involves finding actors who physically resemble the given character. Gyllenhaal does seem to embody the appearance of the Prince that gamers are familiar with and, quite frankly, never appeared to be truly Persian to begin with in later games. I'd also like to mention the fact that the voice actor for the role hasn't been Persian either, more or less British as with Sands of Time and then American in the newer Prince of Persia, aka Nolan North. Do we really need to find things to complain about? It's as if people are trying to hate turn what they can into hate crimes against other cultures. If there had been a Persian actor fit and able to play the role better than Gyllenhaal, then I would say that that individual is the best choice but again, I don't know all the facts of that decision. Hope you don't go cross like I have but all the same, make up your own minds about what to believe. Later, gamers!

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