Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PlayStation Plus offers more gamer flair

As I logged back into me PlayStation Network account the other day, I was greeted with the ever popular system update download option. I clicked OK and sat back while the system ran its course only to find a new addition to the network main page when logging back in. PlayStation Plus is the new service provided by Sony that will allow gamers exclusive offers, full game trials, store discounts and other neat bennies for a paid subscription. The three month option is supposed to be just over $17 making it a little less than the standard Live gold membership for the same time. It isn't making the network connection any better though, so Live will still hail as king of the community gaming field for a while yet. Go ahead and check it out Sony fanboys and take advantage of the rental service so you never have to say "why in the hell did I buy that game anyway?" Later, gamers!

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