Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brotherly Love

In honor of Mega Man 10, I've come up with this little gag. While playing the tenth installment of the series, I started to wonder why Proto Man was now such a big part of the game. In 9 I had to fork over cash to play as him via DLC and he takes twice as much damage from attacks as Mega Man. Even with Mega Man's bum hip that won't let him slide like in the good ol' days, I actually prefer playing with the blue bomber. Apart from the shield, dash, and charge shot, Proto Man seems disguised as the game's hard mode. And now he's on the character select screen...Mega Man now has a character select screen? And Bass now as well? When the hell did he come back into this whole thing? Too many unanswered questions with too little bits to work them out. Help me, Capcom. You're my only hope.

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