Saturday, April 17, 2010


I know this is pretty much old news, but somehow I had to realize this vision. Blame my buddy if you want to point fingers. He gave this thing life. We were playing a round in Tiger Woods 10 and poking fun at Tiger's painful expressions on some of the pictures. Maybe I missed the point but I thought to myself why in the world would they use THOSE shots of Tiger? At that instant, my friend adds in, "It's like the shot after his wife found out." OOOOOOOH! I do love Tiger and all, but that kind of crap he pulled isn't sanctioned in any way. Stay on the green, buddy. It's safer there and your balls are always in good condition. Looking forward to PGA Tour 11!

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  1. Hahahahaha I don't follow golf or gaming but I do follow Hollywood gossip if good humor is added in those last couple of lines are awesome. I was watching THS of Tiger today though ... I had no idea what he went through or that his father did the same thing. I agree he is not excused from his actions but when your idol and hero lets you down that way it will definitely make your odds to do so higher.