Thursday, February 18, 2010

Addict Gamer

This is old news but I was asked to make this comic for another story on the Pulse website. I know people get way too into this sort of game, myself included. Modern Warfare 2 is still one of the leading games out on the market and only gaining popularity. Matches can get heated and people become the personal property of someone else. I wanted to make a comic with Andy and Brett that showed this element. I hope the joke comes across in the strip, Andy flipping on the lights and all. I know I had said last week that I was going to comment on the new Aliens vs Predator but this sort of took precedence over that for the moment. I'm hearing good buzz on the game for fans of the series but nothing good in the field of a quality experience on its own. I can expect to be further thrown off schedule with Heavy Rain being released on Tuesday. Thankfully my tax refund can cover the expense so I'll have enough to also pick up Final Fantasy XIII in March. OMG.

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