Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Bat

Glad to be back bringing you the next installment of Andy and Brett. For the record, I don't hate ign.com but I don't find them to be the best source for gaming news, reviews, etc. That being said, I was excited to see that they had taken time to really look at the teaser trailer for Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum 2...and then they made that comment about believing it to take place in the future because they saw a zeppelin over Gotham and Joker appeared to be wrinkled. In my opinion this was a poor estimation considering the characters featured in the trailer retained their wardrobe from the previous game suggesting to me that it was no more than a matter of months since the original. Regardless, I am excited about the prospect of a new Batman game taking place in the city though I still have no clue how the development team will pull this one off. Hope you enjoy the Back to the Future reference. Stay tuned for Thursday's comic on the finer points of Mass Effect 2.
SPECIAL UPDATE: I have just read on ign.com that after speaking to the voice of the Dark Knight, Kevin Conroy, members of ign.com staff are still saying it takes place in the future...because Conroy said the new game will be dark much like the animated film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was dark. Get it?! Beyond, as in, the future! That argument has NO FAULT whatsoever, right?

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