Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plugged In the News

According to a report on Yahoo!'s Plugged In, heading the Yahoo! page, there is some sort of controversy over the advertisement for "God of War protege" Dante's Inferno released this past Tuesday. The commercial ran during Super Bowl XLIV featuring a rendered CG scene of what the game would entail. Apparently some people are becoming confused as to what the game looks like in-game versus the ad. Really? Are we really going to have a "controversy" over THIS? It's like saying I saw the Matrix and thought it was a documentary. The commercial even uses a disclaimer on the screen stating that images are not representative of the actual product. Isn't this true of all merchandise advertised on TV or anywhere else? It will do this or do that, they say. So can we please just find something legitimate to b&#@! about this maybe why Uwe Boll is still allowed to make movies or why a girl with a rare condition can sleep for 14 days when I can't even get six hours.

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