Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blade Kitten- "At A Glance"

Atari and Krome Studios have released the first episode of Blade Kitten for download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game follows the bounty hunter Kit Ballard, a cat girl tracking a target on a distant planet when she suddenly becomes entangled a bigger scheme. The game is basically a side-scrolling platformer. The anime characters are cell-shaded and animate fluidly. The voice cast is satisfactory as well, but this is all beyond the point of this glance. The game is actually a fun play with only a few minor issues. The controls are simple to learn but difficult to master. This is made more infuriating by the sensitivity of the joystick causing Kit to make less that perfect landings when jumping between small platforms or attempting a quick stop after sprinting. The combat is very mild with a few attack options apart from regular swings from Kit's floating blade. You can regenerate health by simply avoiding attacks which can make the game simple but more caution will likely be needed in later levels. The emphasis of Blade Kitten is more on exploration and collecting than anything else. Most of the demo level involved looking around the level map for money and chests to open. This was made both easy and fun by Kit's ability to climb up walls and move along ceilings, just like a cat does I suppose. I can't say too much against or in favor of this game until I can get through the first episode. Check out the demo for yourselves and see if Blade Kitten is up your alley. Later, gamers!

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