Thursday, September 16, 2010

Devil May Cry fowl with fans

One of the trailers featured at the Tokyo Game Show was the teaser for Capcom's latest in the Devil May Cry series. The fifth installment, and dubded simply as "DMC" in the teaser, looks to follow a young Dante at the start of his fight against the demons of hell. How do I know this? Well, honestly I don't. It's a guess like any other person out there but I readily admit I'm only speculating. The character wears the same red jacket Dante is known for as well as calling himself by the same name as the son of Sparda but looks slightly off from the usual design. Hell, it could be some random new guy that has been brainwashed into thinking he is Dante as part of some experiment to recreate him or something (that actually sounds pretty sweet). Fans of the series are evidently up in arms over the new conception of their idol and will likely lead the developers to alter Dante back to a more suitable character model to stop the whining. I felt my heart sink reading some of the comments from gamers who seemed to give up on the franchise because of a two minute teaser of a game still underway. It was the same heartache I felt when Cole was changed back to his stupid bald and emotionless design from the original Infamous to appease the fan base for the unpopular design changes he'd undergone for part two. For the record, I thought his look was awesome and a suitable change given the new environment and challenge he was to face. These are the darker days of entertainment when fans can rule the world of gaming by dictating what goes in or out of a game. Just my thoughts. Later, gamers!

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