Thursday, September 16, 2010

Classic Space Invaders returns with a modern zest

Square Enix of all people has decided to take an old piece of gaming history and bring it into the modern era with a major twist. Space Invaders Infinity Gene was recently added to the gaming networks for download at a nice $10 price tag. The game is to feature 143 stages as well as a challenge mode where levels change with each playthrough (supposedly). I sat down in the late evening hours to try my hand with the trial version. It started mildly enough in the same classic Space Invaders style with a little pixel ship against rows of block aliens. Then the screen flashed and text introduced me to the new imagination of the game that consumed a decade. I know my jaw was on the floor because I still have the scuff marks from the carpet. I could move the ship around the screen area for precise controls and even select the kind of laser I wanted like homing or waves. That was all well and good, but then the swarms came in force. The barrage of pixelated fire was at times difficult to contrast from the flowing tron-like techno environment but I didn't care. I was saying "Holy *hit," too much anyway. At one point, the camera moved behind the ship allowing me to fly in Star Fox 64 fashion before taking on a boss. A boss in freakin' Space Invaders! If you are looking for some nostalgic heaven, I'd suggest giving this game the benefit of the doubt. If not downloading it immediately, the trial should convince most people enough to add it their library as it did me. Later, gamers!

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