Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quantum Theory- "At A Glance"

The demo for Tecmo's new multiplatform release Quantum Theory is now up for download and here it is "At A Glance." The story isn't really all that clear even from the demo. Apparently, two factions are fighting due to a living tower becoming active by some diablos-somethin' force. A member of each faction, a burly dude and slender chic, enters the tower but must combine forces to make their way up to the top while fighting the demonic creatures. The game plays like a direct clone of Gears of War or any other cover-based shooter out there. The thing that sets QT apart is it's partner system. You can literally throw the girl at enemies for powerful strikes or sync awesome combos for maximum damage. The demo showcases a single long corridor of the tower where cover can grow and change due to the tower being alive so strategic movement is crucial. The session ends with a boss battle that is made harder than need be by the destructable cover and less-than-high health your burly soldier can muster. Thus far, it is hard to give the game proper kudos for the few things it has going for it but at the end of the day, QT is just Gears without the detail or quality experience. For whatever reason, you fire with one trigger and reload with the other. It just feels awkward with the rest of the control setup in which cover is easily entered and exited with a single button. The one thing I can't forgive, the unchangeable controls and annoying mechanics aside, is the voice of the main hero. Did Christian Bale's grumbly Batman set the standard for all male heroes to have the save deep and raspy voice with no emotion or tonal variance? Maybe it is just me. I'll be taking a look at SEGA of America's Vanquish later this week as well so look for the next post soon. Later, gamers!

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