Sunday, September 5, 2010

Xbox achievements and PlayStation trophies

It's hours into early Saturday morning, but it has finally happened. After almost a week, I've earned my second platinum trophy on my PS3 account and I feel sort of...well, dirty. The same scenario has likely happened to most of us: we find ourselves scrolling through the list of possible achievements for the games we own all the while thinking, "Yeah, I can do that one." I only recently became an "achievement/trophy whore," and haven't really looked back since. Extra achievements in games are a necessary evil. The challenges the electronic trophies present not only ad to the playability and longevity of each game, but they grant the personal satisfaction of beating impossible odds after several hours of trial and error. I made this strip to parody my growing addiction to both 360 achievements and PS3 trophies. Every time I get a new reward for head shots or treasure hunting, I get all giddy and almost want to call up friends to tell them about my new 30 points toward my gamer score. This is dedicated to all my friends who caught the fever long before I did and were kind enough to pass it on. This Labor Day, enjoy a labor of love with your favorite game. Come back to GameOver at the end of the week to see the next new strip featuring Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Later, gamers!

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