Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disney's Guilty Party is a guilty pleasure

Disney is one of those companies you can't be too sure about in terms of gaming entertainment. Most of its material is obviously PG and rarely strikes any chord with the more radical gaming community. Fortunately, Disney's Guilty Party for the Wii is a nice mix of child-friendly cartoon fun and challenging gameplay. The members of the Dickens Detective Agency, who are all of Pixar quality design, are attempting to solve various cases while pursuing the criminal Valentine. The game offers the usual good natured humor of a Disney production while allowing older gamers to test their wits as they gather clues in order to find the culprit behind each mystery. Of course, you can't talk about Disney without making some sort of refference to the late Walt Disney's supposed issue with the Jewish community. Family Guy is probably one of the more notorious shows out there to have blatantly made fun of the cartoon tycoon's "hate" of Jews. It only felt natural to me to create my own parody in this comic which I apologise for rendering so late in the week. I'm gathering together my finances so I can invest in an electronic drawing pad so the entire process of creating these pieces will be easier and finished in even better quality. I'm still learning the Photoshop program's little tricks. I'll have the next strip up late next week likely to feature the PlayStation Wii, I mean Move motion controller. Later, gamers!

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